Schedules & Forms

Show Schedules

These Schedules contain the Rules and Conditions of Entry, and the Sections and Classes.

If you are going to make an entry, you will need to read the relevant schedule so that you can properly complete the entry form(s).

Entry and Waiver Forms

Waiver Forms are to be completed by anyone who is:

  • Competing in horse events; or
  • Competing in physical activities – including the Demo Derby and Woodchopping (but not the Tug – O – War); or
  • Responsible for handling animals, including the Kids’ Pet Show and Doggy High Jump.

Waiver Form

Waiver Form


Stall Holders Application

Food and Drink Applications due by 10th February
Trade Stall Applications due by 17th February

Trade Stall Application – Word Document

Trade Stall Application – PDF

Food and Drink Stall Application – Word Document

Food and Drink Stall Application – PDF

Hall Exhibits – Craft, Cooking and Produce

Produce Schedule/Program 2025

Produce Exhibits – Entry Form 2025

Children Produce Exhibits and Competitions 2025

Craft Exhibits – Entry Form 2025

Hall Schedule – Craft, cooking, hobbies, flowers – 2025

Hall Exhibits – Art

Arts Section – Entry Form 2025 – PDF

Arts Section – Entry Form 2025 – DOC

Arts Section – Hall Schedule 2025

Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle – Schedule

Beef Cattle Program – 2025

Beef Cattle – Entry Form

Beef Cattle Entry Form 2025 – PDF

Beef Cattle Entry Form 2025 – DOC

Beef Cattle – Waiver Form

Dairy Goats

Dairy Goats – Program

Dairy Goats Program 2025

Dairy Goats – Entry Form

Dairy Goats Entry Form – PDF

Dairy Goats Entry Form – XLS

Dairy Goats – Waiver Form

Dairy Goats – Show and Sale Declaration

Dairy Goats – National Goat Health Declaration


Tug of War – Entry Form 2025

Tug of War – Rules and Conditions

Demolition Derby

Demo Derby – Rules and Regulations *** Note: Needs signing by driver ***

Demo Derby – Entry Form 2025

Demo Derby Drivers – Waiver Form

Doggie High Jump

Doggy High Jump – Entry Form 2025 – PDF

Doggy High Jump – Entry Form 2025 – Word Document

Doggy High Jump – Waiver Form

Show Dogs

Dogs NSW Show Dogs event, held on Aub Ferris Oval.  More details at –

DOGS NSW – Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership


Competitor entry tickets are available on the day at the Horse Office

Horse – Schedule

Horse Schedule – 2025

Horse – Judges

Horse – Waiver Form

Children’s Exhibits and Competitions

Children – Program

Children Program – 2025

Children – Entry Form

Children – Kid’s Pet Show Waiver Form

Kids’ Pet Show Flyer


Poultry – Schedule
Poultry Schedule – 2025

Poultry – Entry Form

Entry Form Poultry – PDF

Entry Form Poultry – XLS