Historical Photos

Historical Photos by Archie Blanch

Archie Blanch was a well known photographer of the Manning Great Lakes region of NSW.

His photo collection – over 2300 photos – are held by The Great Lakes Historical Museum in Tuncurry.

The Museum has kindly made these photos available for display and you can browse through them in our gallery.

Unfortunately the vast majority of the photos are uncaptioned. The gallery provides a facility for you to comment on any photo. If you recognise any of the photos, could you please leave a comment. If someone has already made an identification, but you can improve or correct it, please leave another comment.
You do not have to register (and login) to leave a comment, but if you do, we will be able to get back to you.

The photos have been arranged in albums to make your browsing easier.

Note that we don’t allow you to print or download the photos. If you do want copies, please contact the Museum.


Archie Blanch

Archie, in his lifetime, graduated from a pushbike to a motor bike to an FJ Holden. This photo was taken in the 1920’s.