Show Volunteers – 2018

We would like to thank our volunteers, without whom the Show could not go on.

Gate Keepers
Alan Newell
Kim & Ray Jones
Geraldine & Kit Carson
Col & Rob Lacey
Margaret & Eddie Fresen

Ladies Committee
Jean Paterson (President)
Aileen Payne (Secretary)
Patsy Maurer (Assist.Sec)
Sylvia Styles (Treasurer)
Jill Hammond
Rhonda Gill
Iris Cummings
Margaret Weller
Jill Toohey
Liz Wright
Barb Moore
Jean Sayers
Judy Parker
Dorothy Avery
Christopher Madden
Elizabeth Berry
Moya Harris
Brian Simpson

Gail Robinson
Ray & Janice McDonald
Judy Bonnifin
Geraldine Carson
Diane Fury
Lorraine Formston
Betty Edwards
Diana Murphy
Margaret Dale
Claire Dunn
Janice Riddle
Margaret Pankhurst
Liz Rees
Judy Farley
Kathleen Donnelly
Mary Webber
Christine Heffernan
Rebecca Harper
Penny Britton
Kerry Clout
Ann Primmer
Ghislaine Lai
Cindy Dearing
Val Sonter-O’Neil
Bianca Jesse
Lois Robinson
Liz Rees
Janette Jones
Lurline Dunn
Colin Dent
Janice McDonald
Ray McDonald
Karin Brown
Pam Paff
Cathy Fletcher
Ross Dearing
Maree Young
Joan McNamara
Faye Harle
Lyn Knox
Louise Collins
Jenny Mallard

Demolition Derby
Phil Isaac
Ian Elliott
Bob Moulds
Mark Page
Brian Langdon
Garry Laidlaw
John Joseph

Faye Deer
Leonie Henry

Announcers & Sound
Andrew Farr
Cameron Avery

Pet Show
Garry & Kelly Chapman

Cherie Paterson (Ring Master)
Leonie Paterson
Linda Jenkins
Vicki Evans
Debbie Kelly
Gary Reeves
John Taylor
Ann Murray
Higgins Family
Fred Paterson
Pat Mullen
Ian and Jason
Cameron Avery
Shannon & Jodie Williams

Mark Farley (Chief Steward)
Anne Marie Farley
Tim & Chris Farley
Denis & Fae Griffis

Tony Schubert

Dairy Goats
Darryl & Nea Hosking