Outing Reports

Overview South West Rocks weekend outing: Friday 15th to Sunday 17th February Inclusive

The club opted to stay at the Ingenia caravan Park which is ideally situated adjacent to South West Rocks Creek and hopefully an ideal birding location. Unfortunately there were not many birds recorded at the park for the weekend but this may have been more due to lack of excursions around the park rather than the birds not being present. A...

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Swans Crossing – 17 June 2017- BIRD LIST

Bird List – Black Swan, Pacific Black Duck, Australian Brush-Turkey, Rock Dove, White-headed Pigeon, Spotted Dove, Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Crested Pigeon, Bar-shouldered Dove, Brown-capped Emerald-Dove, Topknot Pigeon, Fan-tailed, Cuckoo, Purple Swamp-hen, Masked Lapwing, Cattle Egret, White-necked Heron, Great Egret,...

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