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106th Annual Show, Saturday 3rd March 2018, Nabiac Showground

106 years

Results 2012 - Horses

Horse Events
Best Pony or Horse of the ShowComrade owned by Kaluda Park ridden by Donna Murray
Supreme Aust Stockhorse - LedCelabron Alibi ridden by T Green
Supreme PintoI'm a Cute Butt in Wranglers ridden by B Pennicuik
Supreme BuckskinRuben ridden by Lexie Murray
Supreme Led of the ShowCelabron Alibi ridden by T Green
Supreme HackLangtree Fair Play ridden by Kathy Cook
Best on Parade at ShowKatie Kelly
Champion Junior Girl RiderKarli Zanesco
Reserve ChampionTahnee Sullivan
Champion Senior Girl RiderAlexandra Jones
Reserve ChampionKatie Kelly
Champion Lady RiderJ Smith
Reserve ChampionJ Pollard
Champion Hack 15hh n/e 16hhJ J Smith
Reserve ChampionD Philips
Champion Hack 16hh & OverJ Pollard
Reserve ChampionAmila Musio
Champion Hunter HackJosie Smith
Reserve ChampionAmanda McVerry
Champion Hunter GallowayD Buckton
Champion Hunter PonyJ Rands
Reserve ChampionA Jones
Champion Junior Boy RiderBlake Lambkin
Champion Senior Boy RiderMatthew Kelly
Reserve ChampionLachlan Witts
Champion Galloway Hack 14hh Joanne Parry
Champion Galloway Hack 14.2hhM Oven
Reserve ChampionKimberly Pike
Champion Pony Hack 12hhGlenda Lovell
Reserve ChampionCourtney Hanlon
Champoion Pony Hack 13hhC Cooke
Reserve ChampionTahnee Sullivan
Champion ThoroughbredPhillips Family
Reserve ChampionM Clinton
Champion Part Bred ArabKaluda Park Stud
Reserve Champ;ionG Lovell
Champion ANSAT Green
Reserve ChampionPhillips Family
Champion ASH Colt/StallionVicki Evans
Champion GeldingPhillips Family
Reserve ChampionKatie Kelly
Champion ASH HackC Robertson & Olsen Family
Reserve ChampionVicki Evans
Champion ASH WorkingVicki Evans
Reserve ChampionC Robertson & Olsen Family
Champion Galloway LedKatie Kelly
Champion Pinto Colt/StallionA Gillfillan
Champion Pinto GeldingB Pennicuik
Reserve ChampionPenny Coleman
Champion Pinto Filly/MareD Buckton
Reserve ChampionLea Fraser
Champion PaintKym Burley
Reserve ChampionAshley Lambourne
Champion Buckskin/Dun Colt/StallionDr Harry Cooper
Champion Buckskin/Dun Filly/MareKaluda Park Stud
Champion Buckskin Dun GeldingLexie Murray
Reserve ChampionTiffany Spriggs
Champion PalominoShay Riddle
Reserve ChampionK Tout
Champion AppaloosaM & /G Pretti
Champion Quarter HorseAngie Holden
Reserve ChampionM & G Pretti
Champion Ridden PintoB Pennicuik
Reserve ChampionD Buckton
Champion Ridden BreedsPhillips Family
Reserve ChampionMelissa Oven
Champion Ponies LedKaluda Park Stud
Champion Australian Ponies (APSB)T Spriggs
Reserve ChampionBrendan Smith
Champion Part Bred PonyKaluda Park Stud
Champion Australian Saddle PonyKaluda Park Stud
Champion Australian Led Riding PonyGlennion Park
Reserve ChampionD Murray
Champion Welsh PonyGCWG
Reserve ChampionBrandy Hollow Park
Champion Part Bred Welsh PonyKaluda Park Stud
Reserve ChampionGlennion Park
Champion Ridden BredC Cooke
Reserve ChampionBrandy Hollow Park
A7 max 60cm U14 yrsRose Pennington on Dual StrategyBrittany ZLambkin on Bobbie
U18yrsLachlan Wicks on Mr MusicLachlan Wicks on Hot Chocolate
O18yrsLauren Brady on BobbyNatalie Pekic on Bobbie
A7 max 75cm U14yrsRose Pennington on Dual StrategyKeira Meany on Rosa
U18 yrsLachlan Wicks on Mr MusicLachlan Wicks on Hot Chocolate
O18yrsNatalie Pekic on BobbieAlison Smith on Walked on Paint
AM3 max 90cm U18yrsLachlan Wicks on Mr MusicLachlan Wicks on Hot Chocolate
O18 yrsAlex Watts on SkyKristy winter on My Armada
A2 max 75cm U18 yrsLachlan Wicks on Hot ChocolateLachlan Wicks on Mr Music
O18yrsLauren Brady on BaileyAlison Smith on Walked on Paint
A2 max 90cm U18yrsLachlan Wicks on Mr MusicLachlan Wicks on Hot Chocolate
O18yrsAlison Smith on Rough DiamondAlison Smith on Walked on Paint
A7 Open max 100cmLachlan Wicks on BessieLachlan Wicks on Music Master
Open Single AccumulatorLachlan Wicks on Music MasterLachlan Wicks on Bessie
Best Performed Horse
on the Day
Hot Chocolate (Lachlan Wicks)
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