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106th Annual Show, Saturday 3rd March 2018, Nabiac Showground

106 years

Results 2010 - Children's Section

Children's Section
Pre School1st Maggie Rose Chapman
Infants1st Ryan Benson; 2nd Maggie Rose Chapman
Primary - Drawing1st Ella Chapman; 2nd Andrew Goss
Primary - Painting1st Anastasia Maxwell; 2nd Emma Kirk
Primary - Design1st Shayla Mansell; 2nd Jemma Atkins
High School - Drawing1st James Barry; 2nd James Barry
Work in Colour1st Clairah McAnally; 2nd Rian Luberman
Mentally Challenged1st Raymond Hoerzer; 2nd Raymond Hoerzer
Animals & Birds1st Madison West; 2nd James Barry
Landscapes&Seascapes1st Monica Acquilina; 2nd Monica Acquilina
Action1st James Barry; 2nd Daniel Berry
Portrait1st James Barry; 2nd Alex Thompson
Trick or Novelty1st Todd Walsh
Plants/Flowers1st Emma Kirk; 2nd Todd Walsh
Open1st Monica Acquilina; 2nd Monica Acquilina
Toffees1st Madison West; 2nd Shawn West
Anzacs1st Shawn West; 2nd Alex Thompson
Patty Cakes1st Alex Thompson; 2nd Claire Davis
Decorated Biscuits1st Emma Ricketts; 2nd Sally Croker
Marble Cake1st Claire Davis
Pikelets1st Sam Ricketts; 2nd James Barry
Muffins1st Janine Lonergan; 2nd Mackenzie Walter
Meccano1st Jarrod David
Lego1st Lucy Atkins; 2nd Joshua Collins
Lego Kenx1st Alex Thompson
Lego Technic1st Murray Wand
String Art1st Ruby Jones; 2nd Ruby Jones
SportsCard Collection1st Daniel Barry; 2nd James Barry
Sculpture any medium1st Dean Goss; 2nd Jessica Goss
Photo frame, any type1st Emma Ricketts
Best Sun Catcher1st Clair Matthews
Any article1st Emma Rickett; 2nd Jack Piscopo & Tori Stokes
Mosaic1st Molly Sternhell; 2nd Matthew Collins
Soft Toy Handmade1st Ella Chapman
Any article crocheted1st Jedidiah Chapman
Any handiwork nos1st Tori Stokes; 2nd Tori Stokes
Jewellery1st Claire Matthews
Mentally Challenged Open1st Kye Stokes; 2nd Kye Stokes
Flowers and Pots & Vegetables
Cactus1st Ryan Benson
Pot Plant in Flower1st Loren Hoerzer
Best Foliage Plant1st Raymond Hoerzer
Miniature Arrangement1st Raymond Hoerzer; 2nd Jasmine Lambie
Float Bowl Arrangement1st Loren Hoerzer; 2nd Jasmine Lambie
Vase of Flowers, any type1st Loren Hoerzer; 2nd Jasmine Lambie
Beans1st Andrew Weller; 2nd Glenn Weller
Capsicum Red or Green1st Jasmine Lambie
Chllies any kind1st Sarah McBride; 2nd Alicia Mills
Garlic1st Sarah McBride
Cucumbers1st Glen Weller; 2nd Alicia Mills
Eggs, brown1st Tori Stokes; 2nd Kirrily Smith
Eggs, white1st Kye Stokes; 2nd Tori Stokes
Eggs, bantam1st Glen Weller; 2nd Andrew Weller
Eggs, blue1st Sarah McBride
Squash, any variety1st Murray Wand; 2nd Arvey Walter
Pumpkin, any variety1st Kirrily Smith; 2nd Andrew Weller
Gramma1st Marissa Tag; 2nd Alicia Mills
Collection of Herbs1st Lillian Smith; 2nd Emma Ricketts
Lemons1st Andrew Weller
Passionfruit1st Nathian Smith
Tomatoes1st Glen Weller; 2nd Andrew Weller
Watermelon1st Andrew Weller
Rockmelon1st Tarlie Black; 2nd Jasmine Black
Cumquats1st Jasmine Lambie
Best Creative Display1st Claire David; 2nd Jarrod Davis
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