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106th Annual Show, Saturday 3rd March 2018, Nabiac Showground

106 years

Results 2010 - Hall Exhibits

Hall Exhibits - Adult
Supreme Champion In HallFay Anderson
Most Successful ExhibitorNeville Walsh
Art Exhibition
Works on Hardboard or Canvas1st Vicki Bullard - Bush Shack
2nd Bill Wood - Sand Dunes at Hawks Nest
Works on Paper1st Louise Green - Sunlight & Shadow
2nd Beatrice Padgett - Changing Light
Drawing1st Hazel Coates-Jobson - Bill's Solemn Stare
2nd Beverley Calder - Fred's Shed
Insects1st Sandy Taylor ; 2nd Sandy Taylor
Animals & Birds1st Louise Green; 2nd Kerrie Harris
Australian Landscape1st Louise Green; 2nd A Gough
Seascape1st Warren Parish; 2nd Melinda Walter
Action1st Warren Parish; 2nd Warren Parish
Portraiture1st Warren Parish; 2nd Anne Maree Farley
Trick or Novelty Shot1st Kerrie Harris; 2nd Mark Farley
Plants/Flowers1st Warren Parish; 2nd Warren Parish
Open1st Kristine Randall; 2nd Mark Farley
Black & White1st Kristine Randall; 2nd Sandra Carven
Digitally Enhanced/Manipulated1st Tim Farley; 2nd Warren Parish
Nabiac Pharmacy Perpetual Trophy
    - Champion 2010
Warren Parish
WDA&H Assoc CWA Prize
Boiled Fruit Cake1st M Pankhurst; 2nd R Gill
Mud Cake, Iced1st Clare Dunn
Banana Cake, Iced1st C Gabriel; 2nd C Stimpson
Cooked Slice, any variety1st C Stipson; 2nd D Bennett
Unbaked Slice, any variety1st C Dearing; 2nd C Stimpson
Any cake not on schedule1st C Stimpson; 2nd S Oldfield
Rock cakes1st C Dearing
Brownies1st C Dunn
Anzacs1st C Gabriel
Apple Pie1st M Mills
Homemade White Loaf1st C Gabriel
Homemade Sourdough Loaf1st S Cross; 2nd L Rees
Homemade Specialty Loaf1st L Rees; 2nd L Rees
White Christmas1st C Dunn
Rocky Road1st C Dunn; 2nd C Stimpson
Jams, Condiments & Preserves
Peach jam1st R Mitchell; 2nd F Gotts
Strawberry jam1st F Gotts; 2nd R Gill
Raspberry jam1st B Bird
Tomato jam1st R Magus
3 Citrus Marmalade1st B Bird; 2nd F Bullen
Mulberry jam1st R Mitchell
Fig jam1st D Bennett; 2nd B Bird
Any variety not on schedule1st D Bennett; 2nd R Gill
Homemade Pickle any variety1st R Edwards; 2nd M Blackley
Homemade Chutney any variety1st R Murray; 2nd B Bird
Sweet Chilli Sauce1st R Magus; 2nd C Holden
Pickled Vegetables any variety1st F Gotts; 2nd D Bennett
Honey1st A Campbell; 2nd A Campbell
Honey, creamed1st A Campbell
Beer & Cordial
Light Brew1st M Goss; 2nd J McGovern
Dark Brew1st J McGovern
Ginger Beer1st S Oldfield
Baby's or Child's frock1st N Olive
Creative garments, wearable 1st E Carroll
Coathanger, fabric covered1st C Gabriel; 2nd J Howard
Cushion, patchwork1st L Wiseman
Applique article1st E Carroll; 2nd C Kirk
Wallhanging1st C Kirk; 2nd C Dearing
Bag, any medium1st L Wiseman
Bookmark, any medium1st M Barber; 2nd M Barber
Any article using heirloom techniques1st M Benskin
Any machinemade article 1st L Wiseman; 2nd J Rennie
Patchwork quilt machine made1st F Anderson; 2nd C Gabriel
Patchwork quilt combined machine/hand1st L. Weiss; 2nd C Deering
Applique Article Handmade1st C Deering; 2nd M Blackley
Table Centre or Runner1st K Budden
Cross Stitch article1st W Smith
Counted Cross Stitch, article on linen1st L Gray; 2nd W Smith
Counted Cross Stitch on AIDA1st A Wilkinson; 2nd M Hogg
Smocked Article1st R Gill; 2nd J Rennie
Any article in creative embroidery1st D Murphy
Any article in hardangar1st K Budden; 2nd H Wilson
Any article computer generated 1st L Wiseman
Any article with wool embroidery1st D Murphy
Any article in bead embroidery1st A Moneghitte
Tapestry, longstitch1st R Gill
Any article not on schedule1st M Vumstra
Porcelain China - Painted1st M Binskin; 2nd M Binskin
Mosaic Plaque1st M Harris; 2nd J Bonding
Mosaic, any article1st J Arnoux
Creative Card1st D Lloyd; 2nd M Barber
Quilling, any article1st M Barber; 2nd M Barber
Leatherwork, any article1st D Wilson
Pottery, handbuilt, any article1st F Harrison; 2nd F Barber
Pottery Wheel Thrown, any article1st C Cook; 2nd B Bate
Pottery Sculpture, any article1st F Strelen; 2nd F Strelen
Woodwork, turned1st K Mitchell; 2nd K Mitchell
Woodwork, any article1st S Cross
Folk & Decorative Art, any article1st M Pankhurst; 2nd F Barber
Jewellery, any medium1st M Binskin; 2nd F Barber
Beadwork, any article1st M Barber; 2nd K Smith
Christmas Decorations, hanging1st L Hudson; 2nd L Hudson
Christmas Decorations, any article1st M Barber
Bead, handmade1st M Barber; 2nd M Barber
Glass Slumping1st F Barber
Glass Fusing1st M Harris; 2nd M Harris
Any article not on schedule1st F Gotts; 2nd F Gotts
Paper Tole1st M Barber; 2nd D Lloyd
Dolls, Bears & Animals
Dolls Clothes, knitted any type1st D Lloyd; 2nd J Rennie
Dolls Clothes, material any type1st J Rennie; 2nd J Rennie
Soft toy, any material1st H Brennan
Primitive Cloth Doll1st E Carroll; 2nd E Carroll
Toy or Doll Ornamental, rag or cloth1st M Trevanion
Doll Porcelain1st J Downing; 2nd C Lewis
Doll, best dressed1st F Anderson
Doll, rag or cloth1st C Dearing; 2nd E Carroll
Teddy Bear, knit or crochet1st H Brennan
Animal, any medium1st F Barber; 2nd F Barber
Fantasy Doll or animal1st E Carroll; 2nd M Barber
WDA&Hass Ladies Committee Prize
Baby's outfit 3 piece1st E Turner; 2nd T Wilson
Baby's Jacket1st R Mitchell; 2nd C Maxwell
Pram Set1st N Flood
Child's Jumper, cardigan or vest1st T Wilson; 2nd J Rennie
Man's Jumper, cardigan or vest; 1st B Thornton; 2nd R Mitchell
Ladies Jumper, cardigan or vest1st M Barber; 2nd T Wilson
Any article machine knitted1st V Smith
Rug1st M Johnston; 2nd E Turner
Shawl1st E Turner; 2nd E Turner
CWA Special Prize Article in Wool
Article in Acrylic1st M Barber
Article in Cotton1st R Mitchell; 2nd M Marshall
Article in Homespun Wool1st C Bryant; 2nd Y Holden
Lace1st M Vunatra
Bead Doll1st F Anderson; 2nd L Hudson
Bead Article1st M Barber; 2nd M Barber
Bead Amulet1st L Hudson
Doll Suitable for child1st H Brennan
Any article not on schedule1st R Mitchell; 2nd E Carroll
Baby's Outfit 3 piece1st V Smith
Baby's Jacket1st R Simpson
Doiley to 25 cm1st F Paterson
Doiley over 25 cm1st F Paterson
Table Centrepiece1st F Paterson
Duchess Set; 1st F Paterson
Rug Wool1st E Holz; 2nd N Holden
Shawl Wool1st E Tanner
Tea Towel1st F Paterson
Table Runner1st F Paterson
Article in Wool1st E Holz
Article in Acryclic1st N Holden
Any article not on schedule1st E Turner; 2nd F Paterson
Tea Cosy1st E Holz
Coathanger1st E Holz
Special Wallamba CWA Prize
      - BestArrangement of Garden Flowers1st S Taylor; 2nd V Smith
Special Nabiac Garden Club Prize
      - Best Arrangement featuring fruit1st S Taylor; 2nd J Wright
Arranged Fowers1st A Schenkel; 2nd D Lambie
Arrangement of Blue or Mauve Flowers1st J Bensen
Arrangement of Autumn Toned Flowers1st B Edwards; 2nd B Edwards
Arranged Flowers1st B Edwards; 2nd B Edwards
Arrangement Using 2 colours1st S Taylor
Arrangement using Kitchen item1st B Edwards
Arrangement of Green & WhiteEqual 1st B Edwards and B O'Donnel
Miniature arrangement1st A Schenkel; 2nd M Barber
Arrangement for dining Table 25cm1st S Taylor; 2nd L Taylor
Nerine collection1st H Woods
Geraniums collection1st M Barber
Crucifix Orchid collection1st S Taylor
Rose 1 only1st J Wright; 2nd D Lambie
Rose 3 distinct1st H Wood; 2nd J Wright
Rose 3 nnd1st B Gregory
Collection of Native Australian Flowering shrubs & native foliage1st M Baldwin; 2nd L Taylor
Special Krambach Garden Club Prize
      - Collection of Garden Flowers1st S Taylor; 2nd J Wright
Collection of Proteas1st J Wood; 2nd E Adamson
Waterlily 1 cut1st A Schenkel; 2nd A Schenkel
Collection of any other cut flower 1st B Edwards
Flowering Plants & Foliage Plants in Pots or Baskets
Begonia Foliage1st B Gregory; 2nd B Gregory
Coleus1st D Lambie
Cacti 1 Pot1st D Bennet; 2nd D Yates
Best Foliage Plant1st B Gregory; 2nd D Lambie
Collection 3 Foliage plants1st B Gregory
Succulents 1 Pot1st D Lambie; 2nd D Bennet
Fern any variety1st B Gregory; 2nd D Yates
Best Hanging Basket Foliage1st B Gregory; 2nd B Gregory
Best Hanging Basket Flowering1st D Lambie
African Violet1st D Lambie; 2nd D Lambie
Bromeliad1st D Smith; 2nd D Lambie
Bonsai1st D Hindmarsh; 2nd D Hindmarsh
Impatiens Flowering1st A Schenkel; 2nd A Schenkel
Potted Orchid1st T Gregory; 2nd T Gregory
A Grade Championship
6 Vases of at least 4 types1st Neville Walsh
Small Decorative 1 Vase 3 blooms/same1st A Dever
Small Decorative 1 Vase 3 blooms/d1st A Dever
Miniature Decorative Vale 3 blooms/s1st A Dever; 2nd A Dever
Miniature Decorative Vase 3 blooms/d1st N Walsh; 2nd N Walsh
Medium Cactus 3 blooms/nnd1st N Walsh
Medium Cactus 1 bloom1st M Townsend; 2nd N Walsh
Small Cactus 1 vase 3 blooms/s1st M Townsend; 2nd N Walsh
Miniature Cactus 1 vase 3 blooms/d1st N Walsh
Nymphea 1 vase 3 blooms/d1st N Walsh; 2nd N Walsh
Pompone 1 vase 3 blooms/d1st N Walsh; 2nd N Walsh
Ball type 1 vase 3 blooms/nnd1st M Townsend; 2nd N Walsh
Collerette 1 vase 3 blooms/nnd1st N Walsh; 2nd N Walsh
Any other type 1 bloom any size1st M Townsend; 2nd A Dever
Seedling 1 bloom any size1st N Walsh; 2nd N Walsh
Novice any of the above classes; 1st C Holden; 2nd M Townsend
Beans, French1st C McNay
Beans, any other variety1st De Angelis Family
Chillies, 41st S Porrell; 2nd J Wood
Chokoes1st S Taylor
Cucumbers, apple1st C McNay
Cucumbers, white1st D Bennet; 2nd M Mills
Cucumbers, green1st F Barber
Cucumbers, Lebanese1st E Witt
Herbs, fresh bunch, variety1st H Woods; 2nd R Mitchell
Herbs, fresh one variety1st S Porrello; 2nd J Collins
Lavender, fresh1st A Schenkel; 2nd D Lambie
Lettuce, salad mix - greens1st J Wood
Gramma1st M Mills; 2nd N Walsh
Onions, white1st S Taylor
Onions, brown1st R McDonald; 2nd S Talor
Onions, red1st R McDonald
Parsley1st A Schenkel; 2nd C McNay
Potatoes1st J McDonald
Pumpkin, Qld Blue1st B. O'Riley; 2nd N Weller
Pumpkin, any other variety1st De Angelis; 2nd L McBride
Asian Salad Greens1st H Woods
Heritage Vegetables1st L McBride
Nabiac Show Committee Prize
      - largest pumpkin over 40 kg1st G Reeves; 2nd A Blatch
Rhubarb stalks1st M Baldwin
Squash, pimply1st B O'Riley; 2nd N Harris
Any other vegetable not on schedule1st L McBride; 2nd L McBride
Grand Champion
Arrangement featuring vegetables1st H Woods
Rockmelon1st B O'Riley
Watermelon1st G Black
Limes1st S Porrello; 2nd D Bennet
Lemons1st D Sargent; 2nd S Porrello
Passionfruit1st F Barber
Persimmon1st J McDonald
Tomatoes - Tommy Toes1st S Taylor; 2nd De Angelis family
Tomtoes any variety1st De Angelis family
Heritage fruit1st L McBride
Macadamia nuts1st S Taylor
Any fruit not on schedule1st R Mitchell; 2nd M Baldwin
Tropical fruit1st M Baldwin; 2nd L Taylor
Eggs, white1st L McBride
Eggs, brown1st M Johnstone; 2nd L McBridge
Eggs, duck white1st M Mills
Eggs, bantam1st S Taylor
Eggs, guinea fowl1st A. Schenkel
Eggs, speckled1st L McBride
Eggs, blue1st L McBride
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